Both Coles and Woolworths are currently expanding their shade ranges through a trial run (on now), with permanent changes dependent on sales and customer feedback.
Explore below to see if your area is eligible for the trial. If the full shade range of Maybelline is available in your area, please consider purchasing a bottle for yourself or a friend. Your shade match can be found here. If you can’t purchase a bottle, please send some feedback to Woolworths and Coles commending them on their initiatives and ask that they be made permanent. Thanks!

“We are committed to looking at ways we can improve our cosmetics range and are working to identify solutions to the concerns you’ve raised.

To that end, we are taking the first step by launching an online trial to offer a broader range of foundation tones for online orders in select metro areas in New South Wales and Victoria. As part of the trial, we will be offering 31 additional tones in Maybelline New York’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless range, our most popular Maybelline foundation.

We will be stocking the additional tones in five of our Customer Fulfilment Centres, available online only for Home Delivery orders to over 500 suburbs throughout the metro and greater areas of Sydney and Melbourne“.

Click here to view the trial locations for the online Woolworths trials.

“We will be undertaking a three-month trial both online and in-store, with our supplier Maybelline. During this time, we will be offering the full range of Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation, tripling the current range available to Coles customers including 40 shades in total.

We are also conducting a thorough range review of our cosmetics category and looking for opportunities to work with suppliers to offer a more diverse and inclusive range of products in store and online. The process will be ongoing for several months, and we look forward to launching a refreshed product offering in early 2022.”

Click here to view the trial locations for the online and in-store Coles trials.